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 Eurochoice  was established in September 2004 with the ambition to offer to the Bulgarian and foreign markets variety of unique bio products with guaranteed origin, excellently taste qualities and healing values.

The company’s economic activity is trended in to following main directions:
-Harvesting, drying and processing of fruits, vegetables, wild mushrooms and herbs from the region of Veliki Preslav and the Varbitsa range of the Eastern Mountains of Stara planina;
-Trading with high quality bio products- own and foreign production.

The company’s production facilities are located in the village of Khan Krum, Municipality of Veliki Preslav arranged at 4000 m2 of own land. The production of dry fruits, vegetables and herbs started in 2006 in a tunnel drying facility using a natural gas. The production site is equipped with washing and cutting processing machines, calibrators, storage houses and offices.